A single tool to manage your team's permissions across services

Userman helps you manage permissions for your team by connecting to the services your organisation uses. Easily set up new accounts, change your users' rights, and know who has access to what from a single place.

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Easy setup

Userman will import all existing users and roles in your applications, so you can start working with your current organisation as-is in minutes.

As soon as I connected Google Apps, everyone in our organisation showed up in Userman with their profile information and groups.


Userman connects to a large number of third party applications, managing and monitoring the users & groups defined in each of them.

I can now give permissions to our employees on Github, Slack, Trello and Basecamp all from a single place.

Cross-services groups

Assign your users to different groups within Userman, where each group is mapped to an organisation, team or set of permissions in your external applications.

We define a team in Userman for each project we start. Userman grants its users access to the corresponding Github repositories and Trello boards.

Quick onboarding

When you incorporate a new member to any team, Userman will automatically give them access to each service they need.

After adding the new sales rep to the Sales team in Userman, she got access to Highrise, our shared Google drive and to Yammer. All of that without having to go app by app.

Secure lockout

Quickly block a user from your company services. Userman will scan all your services and remove access to a locked-out user instantly.

When employees leave the company, we simply block them in Userman. We feel safe and can assure our customers that their sensitive data is no longer accessible by them.

Monitor all users

Monitor all accounts with permissions across all the connected services, so you can easily review and spot unauthorised accesses in any application.

An employee accidentally shared a budget spreadsheet with the wrong customer. Userman immediately raised a notification and we could resolve the issue without delay.